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Settlement Solutions

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.

To deliver exceptional customer experience we build long term relationships, trust and confidence with both developers and purchasers. We believe that a positive journey will draw purchasers back, bringing others with them.

Settlement Strategy & Risk Mitigation

We collaborate with developers, referral partners, and our own networks to make us, and our offerings, stronger — enabling us to accurately monitor settlement risk, helping to ensure properties settle on time and achieve the maximum possible conversion at settlement.

Dedicated Project Teams

Facilitating the coordination between the purchaser’s solicitor and the network of vendors, our dedicated teams, allocated immediately upon engagement to each project, are practiced in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, meaning we are able to match our clients with the experts best suited to their needs.

Purchaser Communications

We prize strong communication with purchasers to assist and streamline the developers role throughout the settlement process. Coordinating all requirements, from construction updates and finance applications, to key handovers and post settlement support, we notify our purchasers each step of the way to ensure successful settlement outcomes.

Settlement Preparation

With our complete end-to-end settlement services, we handle our purchaser’s entire settlement journey. From coordinating and organising pre-settlement information and purchaser seminars to the exchanging of contracts and the handover of keys, our industry best-practices are passed directly along to the purchaser for the best possible outcome of both parties.

Tailored Services

Our aim is to provide tailored products and services to all clients, and we do so with a network of well-established professional relationships in the real estate industry; as well as with local and private mortgage lenders, insurers, taxation, and accounting firms.

Project Reporting

To ensure the highest possible conversion rate, we maintain regular reporting beginning 6 months prior to settlement. We combat typical drop-off rates, stemming from a lack of transparency, by employing various messaging strategies such as our use of EDMs that maintain purchaser confidence from pre-purchase considerations all the way to settlement.

Valuation Management

In order to fulfil the valuation of developments efficiently we coordinate and book valuation inspections for valuers on behalf of developers. In doing so, we can best manage the expectations of purchasers and the needs of developers to optimise the end result.

Pre-Settlement Inspection

To ensure a smooth handover from developer to purchaser, the on-site purchaser inspection is managed by our dedicated project team. In the case of any faults or defects, we will communicate on behalf of both the developer and purchaser so these can be easily rectified.

Settlement Day

By building long term relationships, trust and confidence with both developers and purchasers, we can guarantee the smooth settlement of properties. We are committed to providing customised service at every stage of the settlement process, and with over 6,000 properties settled our experience speaks volumes.

Final Handover

Upon settlement we facilitate the distribution of the settlement pack, including the handover of keys and owner manuals to the purchaser, alongside the offering of post-settlement support and advise. Our work extends beyond settlement, continuing our communication with the purchaser and handling any queries they may have post-settlement. 

Make settlement hassle a thing of the past

Our partners

Our partnerships have made us, and our offerings, stronger.

We learn, adapt, and evolve as a result of working with the industry’s best

We have a network of well-established professional relationships in the real estate industry, as well as those with private mortgage lenders, insurers, migration, taxation and accounting firms. Our vast network allows us to provide customised services catered to our clients exact needs, at every stage of their project settlement journeys.

Smartkey Finance

Smartkey finance offers tailored, premium finance solutions for all clients

Finance is a fundamental part of every property purchase

With our own suite of home loans and credit license, we are in a strong position to deliver exceptional finance solutions with a solid certainty of assessment outcomes.

Access to over 30+ lenders

Fixed/Variable rate options

Construction loan available

Tailored finance solutions with flexibility to change

Refinance and cash out

Ad hoc and specialist product available

*up to 95% LVR for local resident (based on valuation)

*up to 80% LVR for non-resident (based on valuation)

In partnership with one of Australia’s leading brokerage firm

Smartkey Finance is a joint venture partnership between Smartkey Property and one of Australia’s leading brokerage firms, who has managed more than 5,000 loans with over $2b in settlements and nominations three years running in the Top 25 National Brokerages.

Access to trusted lenders with premium financing options

We are able to offer our clients premium lending options through our well-established relationships with all major lenders, benefiting our clients with easy transactions for timely and direct approvals and a smooth settlement process.

Be supported by accredited expert brokers

All Smartkey Finance brokers are members of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and are highly qualified to provide finance to meet the needs of individual loan requirements. With all our brokers support by trained dedicated staff, we are able to assist in all areas of the loan and settlement process.

Choose from a wide array of services

Along with residential loans for local investors and owner-occupiers, Smartkey Finance can assist the finance needs of non-residents and overseas expats in lending, commercial lending, refinancing, debt consolidation, and loan top-ups.


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