June 06, 2020

It is important that you arrange finance well in advance of your settlement date, meaningĀ it is imperative that you understand your funding options early on. By assessing your individual needs and the finance options available to you, prior to seeking formal approval from a financier, this will safeguard you for a successful settlement outcome further down the track.

Employing and actioning a funding strategy early in your settlement process will allow you to not only eliminate options no longer available to you but streamline the finance approval process, ensuring that you are able to settle on time.

If you are an overseas purchaser, the pre-approval process will likely take longer, so it is important that you start preparing between 9-6 months prior to settlement.

If you are an Australian resident we suggest investigating all finance options available to you, to ensure you are well prepared we recommend contacting a finance broker or institution between 6-3 months prior to settlement.

In preparation of your loan application, you will be required to have various supporting documents, such as personal identification, proof of income, copy of your purchase contract, evidence of savings, and details of any other debts/liabilities, as on application your lender will provide a detailed list of requirements. With a pre-approved loan there are fewer chances of delays with the settlement process.

Smartkey Finance can assist you in assessing your funding options well in advance of your property settlement. With our own suite of home loans and credit license, we are in a strong position to deliver exceptional finance solutions with a solid certainty of assessment outcomes.

Smartkey Finance can assist you in assessing your funding options well in advance of your property settlement.

Along with residential loans for local investors and owner-occupiers, Smartkey Finance can assist the finance needs of residents, non-residents, and overseas expats in lending, commercial lending, refinancing, debt consolidation, and loan top ups. With a range of products specifically designed for our wide array of clients, we are best prepared to meet the requirements of all financing options.

Seeking to find the right finance product for your future home or investment? Speak to one of our specialist brokers to help you to make an informed decision!

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